Our History

First founded in 1997 as a SAP® consulting business, Delego has evolved into one of the largest providers of SAP® integrated payments.

Since its inception, Delego has built a leading global network of acquirer and processor connections. With more than 50 clearinghouse  partners worldwide, we have developed a wide range of middleware solutions that complete our clients’ payment ecosystem.

An SAP® Software Partner since 2000, Delego was the first to receive the SAP® certification for a payments solution. As an active member of the Americas SAP® User Group, our experts present at SAP® events around the world.

What Sets Us Apart

Our industry expertise is unsurpassed. Our team has years of experience with payment card processing, PCI DSS and SAP®.  We have an advanced knowledge of SAP® financial, sales and distribution and customer relationship management modules.

Our experts are highly trained in the following SAP® modules: Enterprise Central Component, Financial Accounting and Controlling, Sales and Distribution, and Customer Relationship Management. Not to mention, they are continually upgrading their skills.

Your business isn’t cookie-cutter, and neither are we. Our scalable out-of-the-box payment solutions come with a modular architecture. You can add or remove individual components to better align SAP® with your company’s payment needs.

Unlike the competition, our solutions do not require any changes to the SAP® core code. Our software is user-friendly, and comes with access to 24/7 technical support. Choose between our on-site installations, remote hosted solutions, or a hybrid of both.

You are only as effective as the company you keep – and we’ve partnered with the best there is. We are connected with more than 50 global processors to give you the greatest flexibility with your payment processing, both domestic and international.

On average, our competitors only have between 1 and 5 processor connections. Our extensive network allows you to choose the right payment gateways for your company. Don’t see a processor on our list? We’ll work with you to certify any processor you need.

We have a deep understanding of PCI-DSS security and what it means to your business. We can help protect your sensitive card holder data using tokenization or cipher-based encryption.

All of our software is PA-DSS compliant and optimized for fraud reduction. We are a participating member of the PCI Security Council, the governing body that sets PCI compliance requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most up to date payment card processing security software in a fast-changing industry. We are constantly evolving our products to best serve the needs of our clients, regardless of size or budget.

At Delego Software Inc., we have a company-wide commitment to integrity, transparency and customer satisfaction. Let the experience speak for itself – start using our payment solutions today.

Our Mission

  • Board of Directors

    Our experienced Board of Directors value integrity, hard work and accountability.

  • Senior Management

    Our Senior Management team is dedicated to delivering consistent, high-quality payment solutions.

  • Working at Delego

    We are always interested in qualified, success-oriented additions to our team.

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