Customer Case Study 1:

Construction Tool and Equipment Manufacturer

The Company:
A leading provider of innovative products, systems and services to the global construction industry

Global Revenues:
Exceeding $4 billion annually

Operational Reach:
In more than 120 countries

Total Staff:
> 20,000 employees globally

Sales Strategy:
Through a retail channel, direct via e-commerce and through a global network of local sales account managers

Credit Card Processing:
Card volume is over $500 million annually.  More than 20,000 transactions per month

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The Challenge

The customer required a scalable electronic payment integration solution to link multiple payment processors to the company’s SAP ERP system. It also lacked the capability to integrate EMV transactions.

To meet their payment processing needs, they also required a solution with the ability to:

  • Handle eCommerce, MOTO and card-present EMV transactions
  • Securely tokenize and store more than 250,000 credit card records in compliance with PCI-DSS requirements
  • Process multiple currencies in over 40 countries worldwide
  • Flexibly integrate with numerous global payment platforms
  • Comply with European Union data privacy laws

Our Solution

Meeting the customer’s challenging business requirements, Delego’s on-demand hosted payment integration suite was implemented in 2013.  An automated, on-demand solution eliminated the need to manually re-enter or upload transaction data into the company’s SAP financial system.

The Results:

Savings of up to



At an estimated 2 minutes per transaction for manual processing, the customer saves an estimated 8,000 person hours, or $400,000 annually.

Automation =

Reduced risk

of a credit card data breach

Automated processing also reduced the scope of PCI compliance and invariably reduced the risk of fines, litigation and costly remediation.



of their payment system

Multiple payment processors were linked to the company’s SAP system, with the ability to handle eCommerce, MOTO and EMV transactions.

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