Customer Case Study 2:

Fashion Eyewear Maker

The Company:
One of the world’s fastest growing manufacturers of fashion eyewear

Global Revenues:
Exceeding $100 million annually

Operational Reach:
In more than 20 countries

Total Staff:
> 500 employees globally

Sales Strategy:
Through a retail channel, with an upcoming project to sell via e-commerce

Credit Card Processing:
Anticipated to exceed $100 million annually, with more than 20,000 transactions per month

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The Challenge

The customer required a scalable electronic payment integration solution to link a payment processor to the company’s SAP ERP system.

To meet their payment processing needs, their solution also required the ability to:

  • Handle eCommerce, MOTO and card-present EMV transactions
  • Securely tokenize, authorize and settle more than 250,000 transactions per year while maintaining compliance with PCI-DSS requirements
  • Integrate 3D Secure enhanced security functionality for the global deployment

Our Solution

Delego’s on-demand hosted payment integration suite was implemented in 2013. An automated, on-demand solution eliminated the need to manually re-enter or upload transaction data into the company’s SAP financial system. This also helped eliminate errors as a result of manual processing.

The Results:

Greater security means


interchange rates

Enabling 3D Secure assists in optimizing interchange fees, and significantly lowers payment fraud for the merchant.

An anticipated

50% increase

in revenue

Enabling an eCommerce platform to be deployed globally will result in an anticipated 50% increase in revenue.

Automation =

Reduced risk

of a credit card data breach

We also helped to reduce the scope of PCI compliance thus reducing the risk of fines, litigation and costly remediation.

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