Customer Case Study 3:

Health and Beauty Products Distributor

The Company:
A global distributor of health and beauty products

Global Revenues:
Approaching $3 billion annually

Operational Reach:
In more than 50 international markets

Total Staff:
More than 1,300 employees

Sales Strategy:
Sells through multi-level marketing (MLM) channels

More than one million independent distributors globally

Credit Card Processing:
The majority of the company’s independent distributors use consumer credit cards to complete the transaction

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The Challenge

The customer required a solution to handle high-volume, short duration sales activity in excess of 2,000 transactions per minute, stimulated by limited time offers. Their legacy solution was incapable of handling high volume, short bursts of activity.

To meet their payment processing needs, they also required a solution with the ability to:

  • Manage eCommerce and MOTO transactions
  • Provide 3D secure authentication
  • Handle multiple currencies in over 100 countries worldwide
  • Flexibly integrate 15 to 20 disparate payment platforms in foreign markets

Our Solution

An enterprise Delego solution was implemented and deployed across multiple instances to provide scalability and capacity to balance high volumes of activity across multiple client servers.

The Results:



of their payment system

Multiple payment processors were linked to the company’s SAP system, with the ability to handle eCommerce, MOTO and EMV transactions.



spent on manual effort

Automated processing of more than 20 million transactions per month helped the customer to save valuable time and money.

Automation =

Reduced risk

of a credit card data breach

Automated processing reduces the scope of PCI compliance thus reducing the risk of fines, litigation and costly remediation.

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