Accept, integrate, and manage electronic payments in your SAP® system with our electronic payment solutions.

  • Payments for SAP®

    Integrate all inbound payment activities into SAP®, the safe and smart way.

  • Payments For Web

    Achieve a seamless integration from your ecommerce store to your SAP® system.

Integrated SAP® Software Solutions

Without total integration, manual data entry, potential errors and data security issues can cost merchants millions. With Delego’s Payments for SAP®, you can easily accept electronic payments in a way that is both streamlined and secure.

Delego’s SAP® payment application allows you to safely authorize and settle any electronic payment. Whether your transactions are card-present, card not-present or both, we will enable you to communicate with your preferred payment processor.

At Delego, we are committed to simplified payment processing in SAP®. Here’s how Delego Payments for SAP® can help your business:

  • Cut the cost of manual data entry
  • Reduce human error
  • Speed up the order to cash process
  • Turn SAP® into a hub for all payments
  • Implement secure integration

For more information about our SAP® payment processing solutions, contact a Delego expert today!

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Integrated SAP® Ecommerce Solutions

Is your business currently accepting, or considering accepting, online ecommerce payments? Delego Payments for Web can help you achieve a seamless integration from your web commerce store to your SAP® system. Authorize, settle, reconcile, repeat!

Delego’s Payments for Web will help you to successfully, and securely, accept payment cards through your ecommerce portal. Benefits:

  • Speed up the order to cash process
  • Turn your SAP® system into a hub for all electronic payments
  • Decrease the cost of manual data entry
  • Reduce costly human error
  • Protect cardholder data across multiple payment platforms

For a better web-based payment system, contact Delego today about our integrated SAP® ecommerce solutions.

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Integrated SAP® Point of Sale Solutions

Configure your SAP® Point of Sale (POS) system to accept credit card payment with Delego’s Payment for Retail. Our SAP® retail solutions are designed to create a simplified, more secure shopping experience for you and the customer.

Delego’s SAP® retail application helps global retailers to process credit card payments safely and effectively. Here’s how your retail entreprise can benefit:

  • Comply with Payment Card Association security requirements
  • Achieve more favourable interchange rates
  • Protect your customers’ sensitive information
  • Remove your SAP® system from PCI compliance scope

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SAP® Accounts Receivable Solutions

Allow your customers to securely pay outstanding items on their accounts, or opt for recurring billing. Our integrated SAP® accounts receivable solutions take the hassle out of processing payments for customer invoices. Delego can help you:

  • Accept payment on open items by credit card
  • Reduce cost of manual posting
  • Automate recurring billing

Streamline your company’s billing process with our custom FI-AR SAP® software. For more information about our scalable SAP® accounts receivable solutions, feel free to contact us at 1-855-407-1198 or

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