SAP ERP acts as the backbone of business. However, without SAP Financial Accounting and SAP Controlling modules, the platform would lack features and capabilities that ensure financial processing transactions are completed and that management can account for those activities. The integration between SAP FI and SAP CO is essential for merchants to accurately report, access and manage finances, but even with these modules connected to SAP ERP, merchants still need to secure this data, analyze it for business intelligence and improve it with additional information from point-of-sale systems, Web-based accounts receivable capabilities and other payment processing devices.

Delego Software’s payment processing and security solutions integrate with SAP ERP, and therefore connect to SAP FI and SAP CO, providing organizations with the ability to manage and assess financial data in real time from a variety of payment systems. Instead of interacting with multiple SAP modules and compiling reports from those disparate applications, Delego’s SAP FI and SAP CO integration capabilities allow merchants to complete all transaction processes and financial assessments within a single system.

In commerce, connectivity and access to data in real time are necessary to compete on a global scale while growing regionally. SAP ERP’s FI and CO modules provide enough capabilities to become average, but Delego integration has the ability to set merchants apart from the competition.

The benefits of Delego and SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling integration are vast, but they focus on the primary concerns of all merchants: efficiency, security, accountability and intelligence.


By integrating Delego Payments with SAP FI and SAP CO, merchants can replace time-consuming manual processes by automatically transferring payment processing data to their SAP accounting systems. With consumer-facing accounts receivable capabilities connected to SAP FI and SAP CO, businesses will also be able to accept credit cards via online portals, shoring up any manual inefficiencies.

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SAP financial software including SAP FI and SAP CO integrate with Delego Security, a suite of solutions that ensures payment card data is secure from the second a transaction takes place to the moment data rests in archives. Delego Security uses tokenization to mitigate the need to store card numbers within SAP FI and SAP CO systems, reducing the scope of PCI and risk of cardholder data breach.

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SAP FI and SAP CO connect directly to Delego Payments components that allow everyone from C-level executives and managers to clerks and accountants to generate and view financial reports in real time. Not only does this functionality provide an extra layer of security, but these tools enable merchants to hold employees and other aspects accountable for errors or successes.

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In the age of big data, DelegoInsights’ ability to integrate with SAP ERP, SAP FI and SAP CO is invaluable to merchants. With DelegoInsights data analytics capabilities and SAP financial systems full of useful data regarding payment cards, transactions and consumers, companies possess information that can transform their businesses at the core. Combined with a user-friendly interface, merchants can generate reports in near real time and based on their specific needs.

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