SAP ERP Central Component has become a fundamental aspect of enterprise IT, especially in commerce sectors. However, SAP ECC provides little security natively, and the system lacks capabilities that merchants demand. Delego Software’s solutions solve these problems by connecting SAP ECC to other mission critical technologies.

With Delego’s SAP ECC integration capabilities, merchants can seamlessly accept all payments in one system, while monitoring all payment activities, allowing customers to complete transactions on the Web and providing reports in real time. Furthermore, ERP integration solutions from Delego help reduce PCI scope, connect e-commerce stores to SAP ECC and accept payments through secure Point-of-Sale systems.

Commerce demands connectivity, and Delego’s solutions meet that need by integrating SAP ECC with tools that provide features required to keep costs down, remove burdens from employees and reduce the risk of experiencing a data breach.

Delego Payments and SAP ECC

Delego Payments allows you to take the hassle out of processing customer invoicing, replacing those frustrations and time-consuming tasks with a solution that integrates all inbound payment activities into SAP ECC.

With tools for customer-facing accounts receivable, seamless e-commerce store integration and securely transferring PoS data to SAP ECC, Delego Payments will reduce the cost of manual posting, provide consumers with the ability to automate billing and most importantly, accept credit card payments.

Delego Payments integrates with SAP ECC, connecting transactional data directly to Financial Accounting – Accounts Receivable module and other mission critical systems. SAP ECC integration adds must-have capabilities to your existing SAP systems, without a need to change code or other fundamental aspects of SAP ECC.

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Delego Security and SAP ECC

SAP ECC integration with Delego Security takes cybersecurity to the next level, minimizing PCI scope, risk of fraud and chance of a card holder data breach. Delego Security provides an enterprise grade tokenization solution for protecting critical customer payment card data. This means you get all of the convenience of an integrated payment solution without having payment card numbers stored in the SAP ECC systems. Instead, your customers’ data will be tokenized as it is stored, processed or transmitted.

Furthermore, DelegoMPI, a 3D Secure solution, adds an extra layer of security to your SAP ECC systems when processing e-commerce credit and debit card transactions.

DelegoInsights and SAP ECC

DelegoInsights allows for greater insight into electronic payment information stored within your SAP ECC system. With flexible reporting, you can analyze what is happening in your stores, online and in the commerce industry at large. Because DelegoInsights integrates with SAP ECC and it is based on SAP BusinessObjects, you can use this open platform to gain operational insights into any data via a user-friendly interface, and generate reports tailored to specific needs and responsibilities.

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DelegoSRV and SAP ECC

DelegoSRV’s capabilities are fairly simple: This software connects SAP ECC directly to an application server or gateway. Working out of box, DelegoSRV allows you to manage development and production environments, as well as add other Delego components such as DelegoAR, DelegoInsights and DelegoSecure to SAP ECC.

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