Reduce ecommerce fraud, minimize the scope of PCI and tokenize credit cards for secure use in your payment environment.

  • Delego Secure

    Tokenize anywhere you are going to store, process or transmit a credit card number.

  • Delego CardEntry for Web

    Your customers can enter their credit card data directly into Delego’s Card Entry screen.

DelegoSecure SAP® Credit Card Tokenization

Reduce the risk of a card holder data breach with DelegoSecure, our integrated SAP® credit card tokenization engine. It tokenizes sensitive information that you use to store, process or transmit a credit card number.

DelegoSecure is your best defense against the threat of a data breach. Our SAP® credit card tokenization solution can help your business to:

  • Protect your customers’ private payment information
  • Store only the token in your system
  • Use your customer’s token across your entire network
  • Keep the token for future purchases

For SAP® credit card tokenization from experts you can trust, contact Delego today.

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SAP® Order Entry

Remove your SAP® system from PCI scope by externalizing credit card entry with Delego SecureCardEntry for SAP®. It will allow you to tokenize sensitive cardholder data for use within your company’s payment landscape. Delego can help you:

  • Keep your SAP® system out of the scope of PCI
  • Keep your customer’s primary account number secure
  • Reduce cost of PCI compliance

Let us take the hassle out of PCI and card data entry. Contact Delego today for more information about our secure SAP® order entry software.

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SAP® Web Based Order Entry

Delego SecureCardEntry for Web, captures card data at the point of entry and securely stores a token in SAP®. The customer only has to enter their information once into the web interface. The secure tokenization is invisible to the end user.

SecureCardEntry for Web certifies that your customers’ payment card data is protected within your system. It’s many features include:

  • Lower risk of a hack or credit card fraud
  • Improved customer confidence in a secure transaction
  • The best payment experience on the Web

For the most secure transaction on the web, contact Delego to install our SAP® web based order entry software.

Ensure a safe and uninterrupted transfer of information with our masked card entry screen.

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3D Secure Fraud Detection

DelegoMPI, 3D Secure solution, is an extra layer of protection for ecommerce credit and debit card transactions. Integrating DelegoMPI with your SAP® system can help you to:

  • Increase security for ecommerce transactions
  • Mitigate liability for fraud
  • Gain eligibility for lower interchange rates

For secure processing and the peace of mind that comes with it, contact Delego to get started with DelegoMPI, our integrated SAP® fraud reduction software.

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