Even more reasons to use Delego software as your SAP® integrated payment solution.

  • Rate Optimization

    Reduce costs and time spent on payment processing with our secure payment solutions.

  • Delego Cloud

    Add an extra layer of protection to your payment landscape with our hosted in the cloud service.

  • In-Country Processing

    Open up a world of payments with the help of our extensive network of payment processors.

  • Delego Insights

    Gain greater insight into the electronic payment data stored within your ERP system.

Rate Optimization

Reduce the cost of payment processing, achieve lower interchange rates and eliminate hours spent on manual data processing. Delego has the capability to incorporate any enhanced security feature including:

  • 3D Secure to reduce fraud
  • Card Value Verification (CVV)
  • Address Verification Services (AVS)
  • Level III merchant processing rates

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Delego Cloud

With the flexibility to provide either an onsite licensed software or a hosted in the cloud service, Delego gives you the confidence to focus more resources on your business, allowing Delego to handle all things payments.

  • Reallocate internal IT resources to focus on your core business
  • Reduce your audit requirements with reduced PCI scope
  • High availability across multiple production instances
  • Single tenant hosting to isolate merchant data

Provide your customers the highest level of data protection by never having to handle a raw credit card number.

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In-Country Processing

With such a demand put on the Treasury Department to save costs, Delego allows you to meet requirements by authorizing and settling “in-country” wherever you do business.  Delego makes this possible with integrations to a multitude of payment processors around the globe – 50 and counting!

  • Save on conversion costs
  • Reduce currency confusion
  • Prompt access to funds and easy reconciliation

Let Delego help you expand your business into any global market. With Delego you can open a world of new markets so you can do what you do best –  run your business. Delego will open you up to a world of payments without borders and an unlimited customer base.

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Delego Insights

The DelegoInsights tool is an enhanced addition to Delego’s robust reporting package built on SAP® BusinessObjectsTM. With quick implementation, DelegoInsights allows for greater insight into electronic payment information stored within your ERP system.

The Benefits of DelegoInsights:

    • A user friendly interface that allows each account operator the ability to customize reports using the drag and drop functionality.
    • Each report can be tailored to the specific users’ needs and reporting responsibilities.
    • Report data can be displayed both graphically and as plain text for easy to read reports.

Enhance your reporting process using DelegoInsights.

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